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  • I am a COVID-19 suspect myself ⇒ to the form
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Catalog of measures

Summary for traffic light color ORANGE

The respective traffic light status is based on the traffic light status for universities introduced by the Federal Ministry, but explicitly refers to the current situation at Montanuniversität Leoben and the ensuing necessary health and safety measures.

  • Face masks protection in the entire university area (indoor and outdoor)
  • Entrances closed, registration for internships and exams required
  • reduced seating in lecture halls
  • Lectures in Distance Mode
  • written exams in presence / or distance mode possible
  • Library: Borrowing by appointment
  • no reading and learning zones

Regulations regarding teaching and examinations

Regulations regarding mandatory testing

enhanced security measures are taken, such as

  •     Buildings are no longer freely accessible, external persons are only allowed to enter after registration
  •     no personal meetings, events and gatherings at the university are allowed, only video meetings
  •     Mouth and nose protection on the entire university grounds (indoor and outdoor)
  •     Social rooms closed
  •     Sanitary facilities can only be entered individually
  •     Only enter lifts individually
  •     Occupy offices as individually as possible / per person approx. 10m2 room area
  •     Keep a distance of 2 metres
  •     home office of the employees as comprehensive as possible
  •     Business trips only permitted with the approval of the Rectorate
Detailed information
Current Status:

Dear employees, dear students of our university!


The Montanuniversität switch to the traffic light  "Orange" from Wednesday, December 9nd, 2020.


Please note that from this point in time the measures according to QM paper apply.


This includes, among others, compliance with the increased safety distance (2 meters) and permanent wearing of the MNS on the entire site, except when you are in a stationary workplace. The buildings of the University are no longer freely accessible when the traffic light is orange. For contact tracing, please note the documentation requirements. Meetings and events should only be held in online mode.


The ”orange” traffic light particularly affects classroom teaching. The majority of the courses (exceptions are, for example, laboratory exercises and written exams) are therefore held in online mode from this point in time. The students receive detailed information on the individual courses from the responsible chair, to which they should also contact directly if they have any further questions.


The daily work at the Montanuniversität should, however, continue to run as safely and smoothly as possible. Based on the experience of the last few months, the University has proven to be a safe working environment. This means that most of the work can still be carried out on site. If a secure working environment cannot be guaranteed and the technical and operational possibilities for working from home are given, the work can also be carried out from home after consultation with the heads of the organizational units, chairs and institutes and with the approval of the Rectorate. The option of shift work should then also be considered.

If you have any questions, the MUL CORONA team is available at any time.



We wish you all the best in this challenging time and stay healthy!


Univ.Prof.Dipl.Ing.Dr.techn.Dr.h.c. Wilfried Eichlseder e.h., Rector

You can find all QM documents here!


Updated: 08.12.2020

General admission for the winter semester 2020/21 starts on 8 June 2020 (Mo-Fr, 09:00 to 12:00 AM).

The entrance to the main building (8700 Leoben, Franz Josef Straße 18) is open. Wearing a mouth-and-nose protection is mandatory during your stay. We urge you to follow the standard hygiene measures (keep your distance, sneeze into handkerchief/arm bends) as well. A dispenser with hand disinfectant is available next to the entrance. The Registrar's Office is in the 1st floor. It is the student's own responsibility to leave the building immediately after enrollment.

In order to speed up the admission process, it is important to pre-register online. Please bring the following documents when registering for the first time:

  • Passport or Birth certificate/proof of citizenship combined with an ID-card.
  • School-leaving certificate or equivalent certificate
  • Social Security Information
  • If transferring from another Austrian university, you will also need to bring: Leaving certificate, student statistics form Admission to Montanuniversität Leoben
Student information on the organisation of courses

A lecture hall occupancy concept was drawn up for a regulated procedure, ensuring a minimum distance of 1.5 m (GREEN and YELLOW) and 2 m (ORANGE) between students in the lecture halls. If there are bottlenecks due to the resulting drastic reduction in the number of available places, for attendance, the following priorities will apply in all cases for courses (LV):

  1. Laboratory exercises
  2. Examination-immanent courses without laboratory character
  3. Lectures

Course leaders will inform registered students in writing BEFORE the course begins how it will be held. The Montanuniversität equips a large number of lecture halls with video/audio systems so that a hybrid course can be held for two groups of students at the same time: one group is present in the lecture hall and a second takes part in the course "live" via a distance learning tool (e.g. ZOOM or WebEx).


GREEN / YELLOW: Physical attendance, distance, both together possible

ORANGE / RED: Distance mode mandatory

Holding of courses WITHOUT laboratory character

GREEN: at least 50% must be provided for classroom teaching

YELLOW: It can be switched 100% to distance mode

ORANGE / RED: Distance mode mandatory

Holding of courses WITH laboratory character

GREEN / YELLOW: Physical attendance in compliance with hygiene measures

ORANGE: As for green/yellow, in addition, a minimum distance of 2 metres must be maintained

RED: practical laboratory exercises (with approval) may continue to take place in attendance

Excursions and field exercises

GREEN / YELLOW: Possible if hygiene measures are observed

ORANGE / RED: Excursions and field exercises are not permitted


GREEN / YELLOW: Both written and oral examinations can be conducted in attendance or distance mode.

ORANGE: Oral examinations must be held in distance mode. This also applies to final examinations, such as, Master's examinations and rigorous (oral section) examinations. Written examinations may continue to be held in attendance, subject to compliance with hygiene measures and the lecture hall allocation plan for the traffic light colour orange.

RED: The exams scheduled for the next 3 weeks can still be held in attendance

Contact tracing

Lecture hall occupancy plans (see Lecture Hall Occupancy Plans) with numbered seats exist for all centrally managed lecture halls. Only green/yellow or orange marked seats may be used at the given traffic light colour. All lecture halls are also equipped with electronic door signs with information on the current course or examination. These door signs also serve as card readers. Ideally, therefore, contact tracing is carried out via the SAAS system of the University of Leoben ( This involves registering students when they "check in" (= holding their student ID card up to the door sign) and also allocating a seat number in the lecture hall, which must then be taken. At the end of the course, students can cancel their registration either individually ("checking out") or centrally by the course director. Students must agree to the data recording if they wish to attend the courses.

Learning places

Learning places are currently only available at GREEN / YELLOW in the library.

Further information

QM document: Regulations regarding teaching and examinations during the COVID-19-pandemic

QM document: Hygienic measures

Updated: 30.09.2020

Reporting Obligation:

All members of Montanuniversität Leoben are obliged to report immediately to the Corona Team any suspected corona infections by using the online form. They are obliged to inform the head of their organizational unit accordingly!


Medical advice and any necessary clarification can be obtained by calling the national Austrian telephone number 1450. We urge you to call this hotline just in case you suspect to be infected with the corona-virus!

The typical Covid disease symptoms may be:

Any form of acute respiratory infection (with or without fever) with at least one of the following symptoms for which there is no other plausible cause:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Catarrh (inflammation of the mucous membrane) of the upper respiratory tract
  • Sudden loss of  sense of taste/smell
More Information

QM-Document: Behavior in case of Covid-19

For general health information about the corona virus (general information on transmission, symptoms, prevention), please visit the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs at

For general information (information about transmission, symptoms, prevention) please call the hotline 0800 555 621. 

You can find futher information here.


Updated: 23.09.2020

For questions related to the corona virus (COVID-19) please contact the university’s corona team at coronateam(at)

Your email request will be forwarded to the responsible member of the corona team for immediate processing.

Corona Representative of Montanuniversität:

Dr. Klaus Sapetschnig

Questions concerning teaching:

Dean of Studies University Prof. Dr. Oskar Paris

Questions concerning external contracts, companies, contract research and contract research:

Vice Rector Dr. Martha Mühlburger

Questions on international affairs:

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Peter Moser

Questions concerning personnel management:

ADir. Alfred Prade

For emergencies in the infrastructure sector, the existing emergency numbers remain unchanged.


Occupational physician:

Dr. Robert Jernej  

+43 664 6158945



Updated: 23.09.2020